The “Swiss army knife” in healthcare – Xsight Optics

Xsight Optics is a medi-tec company developing optical sensors for contactless measurement of health-related parameters. Its core product is a mobile, hand-held optical sensor that can detect multiple vital parameters simultaneously.
The underlying principle is comparable to that of a portable heat scanner that evaluates heat leaks from a building. Xsight Optics uses advanced optical technology with a clever combination of micro-electronics and AI-based algorithms to extract vital parameters from infrared images.
Our contactless sensor gives medical personell the possibility to perform measurement procedures at a save distance. The hand-held device measures vital parameters such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, and respiration rate automatically and transfers gathered data directly to a digital documentation system. Applications span from clinical care to outpatient departments and even specialized units such as pediatric or geriatric care.
Xsight Optics’s contactless and portable measurement scheme alleviates the workload of healthcare personell in almost any area where routine measurements are necessary – saving time and resources while improving comfort and safety for patients.